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Cafe World Guide – A Beginners Chart to Success

Tips for the true Cafe World beginning player that will help you level up and starting earning coins fast.  Strategies that include planning your online schedule and cafe layout will help you enjoy the game and pass your friends quickly. Are you an addicted Cafe World beginner struggling to level up and
earn enough coins to outplay your friends and neighbors? If you are, I
bet you are the the type of player that keeps coming back every day
over and over to see how you can earn those hard to get Cafe points and
coins that don’t seem to get any larger. Cafe World is an awesome game
to play. Better than Farmville and Mafia Wars in my opinion but if you
don’t get on your computer much that can make it very difficult to
level up your Cafe. My guess is you are trying to figure out ways to
make the most out of your short time online to speed up what it takes
to build up for Cafe. Leveling up fast in Cafe World requires you to
fully understand your online schedule and how you can use that to your
advantage. The secret to this is to take advantage of only those food
items that should only be cooked depending on your schedule. There are
certain types of menu items that should only be cooked depending on the
amount of time you have available in a day to play the game. by
understanding this, it will make playing the game much more easier and
fun without the frustration.First think you should figure out is
how often can you get online to play every day? Is it once for only 20
minutes or 3 or 4 times for 30 minutes a shot or even some other time
that suits your schedule? As you have probably seen, different recipes
take different amounts of time to cook and serve. If your school or
work schedule is hectic and doesn’t leave you much time to play, you
probably should try cooking something that only has a short time to
cook, such as the Bacon Cheeseburger. It only takes 5 minutes to cook
and if you don’t get back to serving it quickly, it will spoil and you
have just lost the 15 coins cost it took to make it. And you didn’t
earn any coins from the customer because it spoiled and wasn’t served,
therefore the customer couldn’t pay you. If you are a short term
player, I suggest you stay with cooking recipes such as grilled meats
or stews. Each of those items takes 24 hours to cook and a longer wait
period before they spoil, so you should be able to plan your schedule
fairly easily around those dishes.You can also go and help your
friends and neighbors out which is another great way to earn Cafe
Coins. If you have dishes that are taking some time to cook, go check
out their Cafe’s and help them out. There is a 20 visit limit each day
but you earn 20 coins for each friend that you help. That calculates to
an easy 400 coins you can earn in a relatively short period. That is an
easy 400 coins that can be generated rapidly in a short time. You want
to earn as many Cafe Coins as possible to help build up your Cafe and
buy the necessary items you need to ramp things up. But please don’t
waste your coins on changing your chef’s looks or buying crazy
decorations that don’t make any difference in the game. Spend it more
on tables and chairs and stoves which help cook more meals and serve
more customers.Another good idea that will help you build your
Cafe quickly is to make sure your Cafe layout is effective. You should
setup your layout of tables so that the waitresses don’t have far to
walk and can serve the dishes quickly. What this does is keep your
servers working efficiently and your customers have a great Cafe
experience. The customer wait times for delivery of meals are minimized
and they leave your Cafe happy and will give you a thumbs up Buzz
rating. A higher Buzz rating brings more customers into your Cafe and
the more customers you have, the more food that is served. This means
more Cafe Coins are earned and you gain a higher experience level
quicker.For more information on how to dominate Cafe World, you should check out my experience with this Cafe World Guide. Learn the proper cooking, serving, and coin earning strategies that only this Cafe World Guide will give you.

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