How To Set up & Implement vinyl decals for cars

Adding a vinyl design kit to your car is relatively easy and a cheap mod that makes an impressive change to how your car looks. Vinyl decals for cars involve three levels. The first or top part of the tag is the piece that sports activities whole program together until it comes with a car. The center part is the actual tag that sticks to the car and the bottom part is the wax support that maintains the difficult.

Items You Will Need:

Vinyl Graphics

Store Bought Application Liquid or Implement Container with Detergent Water

(Mix 1 tsp. of soap with 1 quart of water)

Paper Soft towel Roll

Step by Phase DIY Instructions:

  1. Completely clean the outside of your car or the tag program place to eliminate any oil or dirt that may prevent the tag from adhering to the outer lining area. Ensure that when you dry the car that you use a lint free fabric.

Never use severe ammonia based cleaning products (i.e. Window Cleaner), they will cause vinyl stickers for cars to percolate and remove a few weeks after program.

  1. Test fit the tag on your car to figure out exactly where you want to make use of the visual with all three levels unchanged.
  2. Use your spray bottle to wet the place where you are using the tag. Ensure that there are no dry areas.
  3. Peel the wax document support off the tag to expose the difficult part and spray gently with the soap mineral water combination. Do not remove the top part off just yet.
  4. Put the difficult part of the tag to the top of the car where you want it used. Slide the tag around carefully for making any improvements until it is properly placed in the community you chosen. You should not rip it.

We recommend when implementing larger design that you hire a friend or two to help so avoid putting wrinkle into the vinyl.

  1. Using your squeegee, work all of the fluid and pouches from the vinyl stickers for cars starting at the center and working your way out to the sides. Do it again twice if necessary to get all of the soap mineral water and stuck air from beneath tag.
  2. With the tag on your car, now spray the whole tag to reduce the effects of the adhesive. Squeegee it again to eliminate any staying air pouches or liquids.
  3. At this point, take a break. The tag needs to remain on your car for 1/2 a chance to a full time based on how warm it is outside. If you do not have enough here we are at the tag to dry on its own, you can use a blow dryer on a low setting on the tag. Once it has dry, take away the top program part shedding it straight up to expose the tag. If the vinyl skins off when taking out the top part, go back to sixth step. Ensure that you do not try to take away the staying part until it is dry again.
  4. With the vinyl on your car, cut any sides with excess vinyl using a clear tool such as a blade. To put the sides around gates and gas hats, use a blow dryer to dry first and then touch the sides to form it into place.
  5. To ensure that you got all of the air pouches from beneath tag, you should give it one more good spray and run your squeegee over the tag one before. Although you can drive your car without worry of the vinyl decals for cars traveling off, we advise you wait 24 hours before cleaning, wax or driving through rain/snow.

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